Infinite Events


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Board Game Night: Bring the whole family and join Infinite Games Inc in our hosted Community Board Game Night where you’ll learn to play the featured board game of the week!


D&D: Dungeons and Dragons- Come together with your friends to build characters and go on Adventures.


FNM: Friday Night Magic- Two sessions at 5:30 and 7:30 every Friday night.


Booster Drafts: $15 entry fee- Includes 3 booster packs, prizes, and eternal glory.

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Constructed Events: $5 entry fee

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Special Events: Tournaments, Cons, Game Days, Auctions, Toy Drives, Community Events and more.



IGI: Infinite Games Inc- There are infinite possibilities. Wanna see an event in the store not currently happening? Ask us how you can be an event coordinator and get your game on. Keep your eye on the game at Infinite Games Inc.

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